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A Debian (Jessie 8.1) based image holding GENIVI software.
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This docker image is designed for quickly prototyping and testing automotive GNU/Linux based software. The image is Debian based and all source for all packages can be found in Debian.

This is a minimal image; there is no GUI, only a few libraries, no toolchain, just a simple userland with some of the required GENIVI libraries -- basically this is a stripped version of the GENIVI runtime. But it boots and you can use it as a basis for other work, like compiling GENIVI or AGL software without messing up your own machine. The image ought to work anywhere you can run Docker, its currently only tested on Debian Jessie.

If you want a more complete GENIVI image based on Yocto, please see Gianpaolo Macario's Docker image here:

This software is "AS IS", if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces. With that said, the intention is to maintain this image so that it is suitable to test, demonstrate, and modify GENIVI or AGL software.

More information will be forthcoming on how to file bugs, request additional software, or make changes to this image.

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