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Current Jenkins(v 2.6) instance ContainerPilot(v. 2.1.2) for use with Consul and Prometheus.
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A modern Jenkins(v 2.6) instance with a persistent /var/jekins volume, built off of java:jdk-8 image. Image implements ContainerPilot(v. 2.1.2) which coordinates via Consul, and performance sysytem check, sending metrics to Prometheus.

Image is designed to be compatible with both convention VM hosted Docker infrastructure as well as Joyent's Triton.

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Base component of fully automated, fully dockerized CI/CD stac.k


Run pre-built image from DockerHub

docker run -dt miams/jenkins

Or build source:

docker build -t miams/jenkins .
docker run -dip 8080:8080 --name jenkins <<image id>>

Or for Triton

docker run -di --name jenkins <<image id>>

You will need to add inital, randomly generated, Admin password as part of installation. Cut and past from logs into GUI.

docker logs <<instance id>>

API Reference



non currently avalable


java:jdk8 (uses debian)
Jenkins(v 2.6)
ContainerPilot(v 2.1.2)


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