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A tool for observing Kubernetes healthchecks and signals
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k8s-signal-logger is a simple program for observing how Kubernetes responds to
liveness and readiness probes

There are 3 endpoints to the container:

  • /healthz - Used for the health check
  • /ready - Used for the readiness check
  • / - A homepage handler - always responds with 200

If a SIGTERM is sent by Kubernetes, the signal is logged to STDOUT and ignored. This way, you can see
if/how much traffic is still being sent to the pod once it is supposed to be in a 'shutdown' mode.

Try it out

The following commands run:

  • Create the deployment and service
  • Get the service's nodePort and a node's IP
  • Run Apache bench against it
  • Update the deployment. Once the deployment is completed, you can see the results from apache bench
kubectl create -f deployment.yaml -f service.yaml
export PORT=$(kubectl get -f service.yaml -o json | jq -r .spec.ports[0].nodePort)
export NODE=$(kubectl get no -o json | jq -r .items[0].status.addresses[0].address)
ab -n 1000000 -c 20 http://$NODE:$PORT/

# In a separate terminal
# - change a label on deployment.yaml
kubectl replace -f deployment.yaml


MIT License. See License for full text

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