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This image is for running postgresql with an outdated certificate
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Docker Postgres Demo with Certificate

This repo is for running a Docker postgres image with SSL based on the library
postgres 9.4 image.


I created this to see application behavior with an invalid/out of date
certificate on the postgres server. You can modify the certificate approval
parameters in the file For more information about approving
a CSR, check the openssl help output by running:

openssl ca -h


To build yourself, I'm assuming you have docker installed. You may want to do
this if you don't use postgres 9.3 or 9.4

git clone
cd docker-postgres-cert/
docker build -t $(whoami)/postgres-ssl .


docker pull micahhausler/postgres-outdated-ssl:9.3
# or
docker pull micahhausler/postgres-outdated-ssl:9.4


First get postgres up and running:

docker run -t --name postgres -h postgres -p 5432:5432 $(whoami)/postgres-ssl

Then connect with the proper sslmode parameter that your client uses to
connect to postgres.
(libpq docs)

  • disable - will not use ssl
  • allow - will revert to non-ssl mode with an outdated cert
  • prefer - will revert to non-ssl mode with an outdated cert
  • require - will fail with an outdated cert
  • verify-ca - will fail with an outdated cert
  • verify-full- will fail with an outdated cert
psql "sslmode=prefer host=$(boot2docker ip) port=5432 user=postgres"


export PGSSLMODE="prefer"
psql -U postgres -h $(boot2docker ip) -p 5432

MIT License

See the LICENSE file for full information.

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