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Laravel, PHP7, MySQL 5.7 & Nginx
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Dockers: Laravel

Debian Jessie with php7.0, MySQL 5.7 and Nginx built for Laravel.

Getting Started

You do not require any files except Docker installed.

If you are starting a new project from scratch this container will create a Laravel project in the path you provide it and update the .env to the dockers database details.
If you have an existing project and you provide it the path it will not install Laravel but instead use your project.

If you destory your docker when you are finished the files will be left on your computer so you will not lose anything (except the database however if you are using migrations and seeders you should be fine - if you require the database I suggest you do a mysql dump before hand with the dockers exec command).


Creating a Container
The command below will spin up a new docker container named my-project running on port 80, You can change this if you have multiple projects by altering the -p 80:80 to -p 8888:80 (8888 to any port you prefer).

docker run --name my-project -itd -v /path/of/project:/var/www -p 80:80 -P michaelmano/laravel

Running Commands on the Container

docker exec -it my-project /bin/bash -c "php artisan migrate"

or open a console in the container

docker exec -it my-project /bin/bash

Destroying a Container
This will leave the project folder it was using so all files will be safe.

docker rm my-project -f

Checking the Container Status

docker ps -a

This will show the containers you have running and on which port however you can use dockers Kitematic which is a visual interface for this also.

MySQL Details

  • dbname: docker
  • user: docker
  • pass: docker


  • Automatic install of laravel
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