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Simple mariadb docker image with startup scripts.

Build or pull

docker pull michaloo/mariadb

docker build -t michaloo/mariadb .


Environmental variables to set:

  • MYSQL_DB (optional)
  • MYSQL_USER (optional, depends on MYSQL_DB)
  • MYSQL_PASS (same as above)

Conainer lifecycle

If /var/lib/mysql/mysql doesn't exists script executes mysql_install_db.

Then using mysqld --bootstrap it sets root password and tries to create database and user (specified via above variables).

Configuration options are supplied via /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf file which is generated on every start using /app/config/my.cnf template (overriding it allows customization).

If image is run as an interactive, linked container (options: -it --link mariadb:mysql --entrypoint=/bin/bash) there is a useful script /app/bin/connect which executes mysql with data supplied via environmental variables (see below)


For persistance create a storage container:

docker run -d --name data_mysql_test -v /var/lib/mysql tianon/true

Use it and provide environmental variables (using .env file)

docker run -d --name mariadb -P --env-file .env --volumes-from data_mysql_test michaloo/mariadb

Connect with it in an another container:

docker run -it --link mariadb:mysql --env-file .env --entrypoint=/bin/bash michaloo/mariadb /app/bin/connect


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