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Docker image with wp-cli installed
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Docker image with WP-CLI installed

Want to run WP-CLI command over your Wordpress
installation? Use this image :)


docker pull michaloo/wp-cli


View WP-CLI info:

docker run -it --rm michaloo/wp-cli wp --info

View your Wordpress installation version (assuming that it is in pwd):

docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:/var/www/html michaloo/wp-cli wp core version

Want install custom WP-CLI packages?

Extend this image in your own Dockerfile. Just like in dockerpresso-cli image:

# Uses wp-cli docker image
FROM michaloo/wp-cli

# And adds dockerpresso plugins:
RUN wp package install michaloo/wp-cli-environmentalize


The USER is switched to www-data here to satisfy WP-CLI requirements.

The WORKDIR is changed to /var/www/html, HOME is set to /var/www, the WP-CLI
bash completion is installed there.

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