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FROM java:8 ENV MIRROR="" ENV VERSION="3.4.6" ENV SHA1="2a9e53f5990dfe0965834a525fbcad226bf93474" LABEL zk_version="${VERSION}" LABEL zk_sha1="${SHA1}" # Download and sha1sum validate WORKDIR /tmp RUN echo "${SHA1}\tzookeeper-${VERSION}.tar.gz" > checksum RUN wget ${MIRROR}/zookeeper/zookeeper-${VERSION}/zookeeper-${VERSION}.tar.gz RUN sha1sum --check checksum # Extract RUN mkdir -p /opt/zookeeper RUN tar --strip-components=1 -zxf zookeeper-${VERSION}.tar.gz -C /opt/zookeeper # Setup dataDir RUN mkdir -p /opt/zookeeper/data # Just the sample config with the dataDir changed to /opt/zookeeper/data COPY zoo_basic.cfg /opt/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg # Basic logging config with rolling log RUN mkdir -p /opt/zookeeper/logs COPY /opt/zookeeper/conf/ WORKDIR /opt/zookeeper VOLUME ["/opt/zookeeper/data","/opt/zookeeper/logs","/opt/zookeeper/conf"] ENTRYPOINT ["bin/"] CMD ["start-foreground"]
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