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Mailtrap - pipes all incoming emails to the docker logs
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This Docker image will listen on port 25, and do nothing else than responding to SMTP
traffic in a valid way, and piping incoming emails to stdout.

See for a fork which generates a TLS certificate and securely listens on port 435 instead.

To run:

docker pull michielbdejong/mailtrap
docker run -p 25:25 --name mailtrap michielbdejong/mailtrap
docker logs -f mailtrap

Use case: getting a startssl cert

If you want to get a StartSSL cert for a domain you just registered, do the following:

  • run this mailtrap on a server
  • set the MX record to e.g. (priority e.g. 10)
  • add an A record for mail to the IP address of the server where you are running the mailtrap
  • In the domain validation wizard, pick any email address (e.g.
  • Check the docker logs and copy-and-paste the validation token from it
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