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Build Go project inside Docker container using "gb" build tool
Full Description

Build using Docker container

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD":/go -w /go alpine-golang:latest

This expects a Makefile in the current directory. Or without just add the command:

docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD":/go -w /go alpine-golang:latest gb build all

Example Makefile

NAME:=$(shell basename `git rev-parse --show-toplevel`)
RELEASE:=$(shell git rev-parse --verify --short HEAD)

# Using internal registry

all: build

    rm -rf pkg bin

test: clean
    gb test

build: test
    gb build all

    gb vendor update --all

    docker rmi ${NAME} &>/dev/null || true

docker-build: docker-clean
       docker run --rm -it -v "$$PWD":/go -w /go alpine-golang:latest
       docker build --pull=true --no-cache -t ${NAME}:${RELEASE} .
       docker tag -f ${REGISTRY}/${NAME}:${RELEASE} ${NAME}:latest

# Using internal registry
#    docker run --rm -it -v "$$PWD":/go -w /go ${REGISTRY}/alpine-golang:latest
#    docker build --pull=true --no-cache -t ${REGISTRY}/${NAME}:${RELEASE} .
#    docker tag -f ${REGISTRY}/${NAME}:${RELEASE} ${REGISTRY}/${NAME}:latest

docker-push: docker-build

# Using internal registry
#    docker login -u ${USER} -p '${PASS}' -e ${MAIL} ${REGISTRY}
#    docker push ${REGISTRY}/${NAME}:${RELEASE}
#    docker push ${REGISTRY}/${NAME}:latest
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