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Consul Docker Image

A simple Consul image. Includes both Consul and the Consul UI.

Note that until consul 0.6 this image is likely to be larger than it needs to be, consul 0.5.0 doesn't run using default busybox style images due to some C dependencies, 0.6 will likely be pure go.


To run with a default using the config files:

docker run micktwomey/consul

To run directly:

docker run micktwomey/consul consul ...


This image has the following paths:

  • /usr/bin/consul - the consul binary itself (and the default CMD)
  • /consul/data - A data volume and the default
  • /consul/config/config.json - the default config.
  • /config/config - the default location for config files. Derived docker builds will add config/ into here.

By default /consul/data is a volume.


A simple customization might look like this:

FROM micktwomey/consul:0.5.0-1

The add your own config files in config/*. The docker build will pick these up.

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