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Node.js hello world on RASPBERRY PI 1 MODEL B+ and Model 2B+ (ARM 32bit aka arm32)
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Image based on hypriot/rpi-node:4.4.0

Node.js sample Dockerizing a Node.js web app

Getting started with Docker on your Raspberry Pi
"Here we run Docker on a Raspberry Pi. So the CPU architecture here is ARM rather than x86/x64 by Intel or AMD. Thus, Docker-based apps you use have to be packaged specifically for ARM architecture! Docker-based apps packaged for x86/x64 will not work and will result in an error such as:

FATA[0003] Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 0f0fa3f8e510e53908e6a459e817d600b9649e621e7dede974d6a65761ad39e5: exec format error
Keep this in mind when searching for apps on the Docker Hub - the source for Docker apps/images. If you see the keyword RPI or ARM in the heading or description, this app can usually be used for the Raspberry Pi."

How to get Docker running on your Raspberry Pi using Linux

Docker Pull Command