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Official images for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Windows Server Core for Docker Engine.
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Windows Containers.
Intended use: Development and Testing only. Not supported in production environments.


This image is compatible with Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise – Anniversary Edition) OS Hosts. Visit this link for the full list of Windows Container requirements.

Getting started links

Supported tags

The tagging strategy for the dynamics-nav repository is:

  • [version[-cu][-country]]


  • Version currently is 2016, 2017 or 2018 (omit to get newest)
  • cu is rtm, cu1, cu2, cu3,... (omit to get newest)
  • country is dk, de, fr, gb, na,... (omit to get w1)


  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:2017 gives you the latest cu of 2017 with w1 localization
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:2018 gives you the latest cu of 2018 with w1 localization
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:2016-cu18 gives you 2016 cu18 with w1 localization
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:2017-dk gives you the latest cu of 2017 with dk localization
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav gives you the latest version of NAV, the latest cu w1 localization

Dockerfile links

The source for the base image for all NAV Docker images can be found here.

How to use this image

The simplest direct way to run a NAV on Docker image is:

docker run -e accept_eula=Y -m 4G microsoft/dynamics-nav

Setting accept_eula to Y confirms acceptance of the end user licensing agreement found here.

There are several options for configuring your NAV Container to suit your needs.
This document includes a number of scenarios and how to achieve them and will be updated with more scenarios over time.
This document is a hands-on lab, where you can learn how to use the NAV on Docker image.


navcontainerhelper is a PowerShell Module, which can be installed from the PowerShell Gallery by using:

install-module navcontainerhelper -force

To see which functions are available in the navcontainerhelper use:


To spin up a new Nav Contianer use:

New-NavContainer -containerName my2018 -imageName microsoft/dynamics-nav:2018

The navcontainerhelper will help you creating on-prem containers integrated with your AD in a secure way.
This is the GitHub repository, containing the source for navcontainerhelper.

User Feedback

  • For issues with or questions about this image, please contact us through a Github issue.
  • For Windows Container specific troubleshooting questions, please post the issue along with the Docker info & Docker version here.

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