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Official Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition images for Windows Containers
Full Description

Microsoft SQL Server Developer for Windows Containers. Learn more about the latest release of SQL Server Developer by visiting this documentation link.

Intended Use: Development and Testing only. Not supported in production environments.

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This image is compatible with Windows Server 2016 (Core, with Desktop) and Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise - Anniversary Edition) OS Hosts. Visit this link for the full list of Windows container requirements.

Getting Started Links

Note: If you want to run Windows and Linux docker images simultaneously on the same Windows 10 Host, you’ll need to install Docker for Windows beta (that includes a GUI option to switch between Windows and Linux Docker engine) from Docker’s beta channel.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

  • 2016-sp1, latest (Dockerfile)
  • 2016-sp1-windowsservercore-10.0.14393.693 (used for internal tagging)

How to use this image

Start a mssql server instance

docker run -d -p 1433:1433 -e sa_password=<SA_PASSWORD> -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y microsoft/mssql-server-windows-developer

Connect to Microsoft SQL Server

You can connect to the SQL Server instance from inside the same container by using the sqlcmd utility, or from outside the container by downloading SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Follow this blog for detailed steps on how to connect to the SQL Server instance from inside or outside the container.

Environment Variables
  • ACCEPT_EULA: Confirms acceptance of the end user licensing agreement found here.

  • sa_password: The system administrator (userid = 'sa') password used to connect to SQL Server once the container is running. The password must meet the password complexity requirements found here: <LINK>

  • attach_dbs (optional parameter): The configuration for attaching custom DBs (.mdf, .ldf files). The following example shows all parameters in action:
    docker run -d -p 1433:1433 -e sa_password=<SA_PASSWORD> -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y -v C:/temp/:C:/temp/ -e attach_dbs="[{'dbName':'SampleDb','dbFiles':['C:\\temp\\sampledb.mdf','C:\\temp\\sampledb_log. ldf']}]" microsoft/mssql-server-windows-developer

User Feedback

  • For issues with or questions about this image, please contact us through a GitHub issue.
  • For Windows Container specific troubleshooting questions, please post the issue along with the docker info & docker version here.

Further Reading


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Comments (4)
21 days ago

mssql server starts ok, but SQL Server Agent service can not be started. Can someone help ? Thank you.

a month ago

Hello, everyone.
When I start to run a container with this image, the mssql server starts ok, but SQL Server Agent service can not be started. Does anyone meet the similar issue? Thanks.

a month ago

Hello..Try to use the -v to add drivers...but have the next issue
Error response from daemon: invalid bind mount spec "D:\Data:C:\Data": invalid volume specification: 'D:\Data:C:\Data': invalid mount config for type "bind": GetFileAttributesEx d:\data: The device is not ready.... the run commands are: docker run -d -p 1436:1433 -e sa_password=sa_password=TempPa550wd# -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y --storage-opt size=400G -v R:\Temp\BDInstance3:C:\Temp\BDInstance3 -v D:\Data:C:\Data microsoft/mssql-server-windows-developer ...thank you!

3 months ago

For someone else issuing There is insufficient free space on disk volume 'C:\' to create the database.. Just run your container with --storage-opt size=1024G option. e.g. docker run -d --expose 1433 -e sa_password="P@ssword" --name="sql" -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y --storage-opt size=1024G -v "D:/Restore/MSSQLBackUP":"C:/Backup" -v "D:/Restore/Data":"C:/Data" microsoft/mssql-server-windows-developer