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Java JSP client website hosted via Tomcat
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This image is one of 5 backend microservice APIs that connect to Azure CosmosDB + a Java front-end website which comprises the Parts Unlimited MRP microservices application. It has hands-on-labs (HOLs) associated with them which can be found at: all of which deploy to Azure Container Service (ACS) with Kubernetes (K8s) orchestrator.

All of these 6 docker images are automatically built using CircleCI:

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The 5 other docker hub images are:


The MRP web client is a static Java JSP website. The source code and more details on how to develop, build, and test this code can be found here on GitHub.

The Docker file used to create this image is at the root of that location, but also linked to directly here for convenience. Here is the size and layers breakdown of the :latest tagged image:

Since this is a sample application not under active development, likely the only tag / version will be 1.0.0 which is also latest. However, the image will be updated to ensure the underlying FROM host container is patched where the build of the code resides.

How to use this image

docker run -d --name pumrp-web -p 8080:8080 microsoft/pumrp-web

Now to verify the webpage is working, go to your browser URL:


Issue or Recommendation?

Please report problems, feature requests, or recommendations to the PartsUnlimitedMRPmicro GitHub Issue page. This project is open source and welcomes contributions.

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