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Microweber - Drag and Drop CMS
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Microweber CMS docker images

There are two supported tags:

  • php71-apache - aio image, built on Debian Jessie, supports SQLite and MySQL
  • php71-fpm - based on Alpine linux and uses PHP-FPM, supports MySQL and PostgreSQL

Please, use php71-apache tag for demo/testing/developement purposes and php71-fpm for production together with docker compose or with docker swarm.

How to use

Below is example which allows you to run Microweber CMS from docker hub using single coomand in your console with Docker installed (using php71-apache tag):

docker run -p 80:80 microweber/microweber:php7.1-apache

Also you can use docker-compose.yml example in repo. To run Microweber CMS via docker-compose you need to clone repository and run docker-compose up:

git clone
cd microweber
docker-compose up -d

After container(s) started, please, proceed and finish CMS installation using webui.

Environmental variables:

There are several env. variables which can be used for database configuration (you can see in docker-compose.yml)

  • DB_USER - database user
  • DB_PASS - database password
  • DB_NAME - databaase name
  • DB_ENGINE - database engine (mysql, pgsql or sqlite)
  • DB_HOST - database host (can be mysql, pgsql and sqlite)
  • DB_PREFIX - database prefix if you need it (for example _mw)

If you have database running on non-standart port, specify it using DB_HOST variable in following format DB_HOST=<host>:<port> (for example DB_HOST=mysql:3222). If DB env. vars are not defined and php71-apache tag is used, then SQLite will be used and system will be installed with sample content.


  • /usr/src/microweber/config - to store config files.
  • /usr/src/microweber/userfiles - to store various user files/plugins and data

Play With Docker

you can also try Microweber CMS in PWD (Play With Docker) sandbox

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