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MidoNet host agent
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MidoNet Host Agent

This container is designed to interact with a Zookeeper cluster that is managed
by a MidoNet Cluster.

How to run it

An example command line is:

docker run -d --name agent --net=host \
  --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
  -e UUID=e967e5c2-3579-41d2-8a1b-4391ea40b0f3 \
  -v ${HOME}/logs/midonet_agent:/var/log/midolman \


  • ZK_ENDPOINTS is a comma-separated list of all the ip:ports serving
    Apache Zookeeper.
  • UUID is an optional environment variable that allows you to spawn a container
    that is identified with that uuid. If you tear it down and start it again
    with the same UUID, it will take the place and configurations of the previous
    one. If it is not passed, each container run will get a new uuid.
  • A volume is mounted to have the Cluster logs available in the host without
    having to enter the container.

Other available options:

  • TEMPLATE is one of compute.large (default), compute.medium, gateway.large and
    gateway.medium. It is recommended to keep the default template for all the
    agents except for the gateway nodes, where you should pick one of the gatewa
    template options.
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