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Image to serve Jupyter-notebooks with SciPy and related requirements
Full Description

Scipy container for running Jupyter

Dockerized container for running Jupyter, using pip for package management.

Based on midvalestudent/jupyter-base with additional packages for scipy and
similarly sciency stuff. Python 3 only.

Example usage:

PORT=8888 && \
docker run \
    -e NOTEBOOK_UID=$(id -u) \
    -e NOTEBOOK_GID=$(id -g) \
    -v nbconfig:/home/jovyan/.jupyter/nbconfig/ \
    -w $(pwd) \
    -v $(pwd):$(pwd) \
    -p $PORT:$PORT \
    -h $(hostname) \
    midvalestudent/jupyter-scipy:latest \ --ip=$(hostname) --port=$PORT

This will run a notebook server using $(pwd) as the working directory. New
notebooks will be created as the current user, and served on the (unprivileged)
port of the current host. Change $(hostname) to localhost to serve locally.

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