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ubuntu 14.04 + cuda toolkit7.5 with cudnn5 + python3 with anaconda + tensorflow 0.8 gpu + mysql5.7
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This container designed to research chembl datasest. The environment set up is ubuntu LTS 14.04 + cuda toolkit 7.5 with cudnn 5 + python 3.5 with anaconda + tensorflow 0.8 gpu + mysql 5.7. The mysql server is connected to the host server 61 and it provides all the access of the dataset.

This version 1.0 automatically starts jupyter notbook
$ nvidia-docker run -it --net=host -p 6006:6006 -p 7777:7777 mijungkim/chemble_setup:v1.0

To make use of jupyter notebook from remote:
$ ssh -N -f -L 7777:localhost:7777 mijungkim@

For mysql (to connect with the mysql of the host machine)
root@~# mysql -umijungkim -p -h

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