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execute grml-debootstrap inside docker containers to install Debian
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Execute grml-debootstrap inside a docker container.
This is useful e.g. for developing new features, reproducing problems and writing tests in a clean and reproducible environment.


The Dockerfile is controlling the automated builds at the Docker Hub Registry.

The *.bats files are test scripts, used for verifying the Debian installations as generated by the test*.sh scripts.

Usage instructions

Make sure the docker image generated by the Dockerfile is available on your system:

% docker pull mika/grml-debootstrap

Start a container instance and switch into it via e.g.:

% docker run -it --privileged=true mika/grml-debootstrap

NOTE: --privileged=true is required for usage with loop devices and mounting proc, sysfs etc inside the container

TIP: add the --rm option to the command line to automatically remove the container when it exits

Use grml-debootstrap inside the container, e.g.:

  • Install Debian inside a VM image:
# grml-debootstrap --vmfile --target /srv/debian.img --password grml --hostname docker [--force]
  • Install Debian system in a directory:
# grml-debootstrap --target /srv/debian --password grml --hostname docker [--force]

TIP: to speed up the build prepend eatmydata in the grml-debootstrap command line

TIP: if you want to have access to the generated Debian systems after exiting the container make sure to share your working directory as /srv via adding -v $PWD:/srv/ to your docker run command line

Usage of test scripts

This directory provides example scripts (test*.sh) and tests (*.bats) for building and verifying Debian installations, generated via grml-debootstrap.
To use them make sure this docker directory is available inside the docker container at /srv:

% docker run -it --privileged=true -v $PWD:/srv/ --rm mika/grml-debootstrap

Then you can simply invoke /srv/ or /srv/, which will install Debian systems at /srv/debian or /srv/debian.img respectively and run some tests on the resulting systems.

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