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base image for NSQ
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This image blesses the google/golang image with the latest version of NSQ - a realtime distributed messaging platform. You probably don't want this container, you probably want these:

To get a fully running local NSQ service going use (in this order):

docker run -d  --name=nsqlookupd -e BROADCAST_ADDRESS= -p 4160:4160 -p 4161:4161 mikedewar/nsqlookupd
docker run -d --name=nsqd -e BROADCAST_ADDRESS= -p 4150:4150 -p 4151:4151 --link nsqlookupd:nsqlookupd mikedewar/nsqd
docker run -d  --name=nsqadmin -p 4171:4171 --link nsqlookupd:nsqlookupd mikedewar/nsqadmin

where you must remember to replace BROADCAST_ADDRESS with your own host address.

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