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node server with vars to quick start and develop
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Image for quickstarting nodeapps from volume or GIT with regular "node" or "nodemon" . You can also choose a specific git release/tag to start.

Example 1:

docker run -it -e "APP_NAME=server.js" -e "GIT=" -e "GIT_TAG=v0.6.1" -p 3000:3000 mikemichel/node-easy /bin/sh /tmp/

This does:

Example 2:

docker run -it  -e "APP_NAME=app.js"  -v /media/apps/express-chat:/myapp mikemichel/node-easy /bin/sh /tmp/

This does:

  • mounts your local volume /media/apps/express-chat to the containers /myapp directory
  • cd /myapp
  • npm install
  • nodemon app.js


APP_NAME= which file to start with node/nodemon
GIT= GIT URL to clone when you use ./tmp/
GIT_TAG= which git release you want to start


  • /tmp/ for "nodejs APP_NAME"
  • /tmp/ for "nodemon APP_NAME"
  • /tmp/ for git clone GIT and "nodemon APP_NAME"
  • /tmp/ for "GIT Clone, npm install, npm start"
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