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A bot for New Dork City Slack community.
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A bot for New Dork City Slack community.

Read more on Slack bots.

Develop locally

Create an .env file with override environment variables, like:

LITA_ADAPTER=shell # to use the local shell adapter instead of Slack

See lita_config.rb for any more variables you can set.

Uses docker-compose with VirtualBox:

docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm lita

# Cleanup
docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm

See docker-compose.yml for details.

Note: Cannot run docker-compose up until released.

The volumes statement in the docker-compose.yml will mount all the files in
the root directory.
Assists with running the lita container without requiring a full rebuild while
working on configs or custom extensions. See .dockerignore for exclusions.

The brain container persists to the Docker host.


Uses Tutum to deploy a container stack on a node.
See tutum.yml for details.

Post-deploy, a Trigger hook is manually set on the dorkbot service to redeploy
on a successful build from the Docker Registry.

The Registry will build the container with the new code, and trigger a WebHook
to Tutum to redeploy the running container.


  • Download last-saved redis data

    tutum service run -n downloader -p 2222:22 -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS="$(cat ~/.ssh/" --volumes-from brain tutum/ubuntu
    scp -r -P 2222 .
  • Run bot in interactive bash shell and override an environment variable:

    docker-compose run --rm --entrypoint /bin/bash -e LITA_ADAPTER=shell lita


WTFPL. See LICENSE for full text.

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