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Offener Rat Münster

Der Offene Rat Münster soll das politische Geschehen in Münster transparenter machen und mehr Bürgern die Möglichkeit geben sich umfassend zu informieren.

Setup with Docker

Install Docker and Fig.

Build the app:

sudo fig build

(DON'T) Setup the database:

sudo RAILS_ENV=development fig up -d db
sudo RAILS_ENV=development fig run --rm app rake db:setup

Better, import real data:

(Put latest.dump in the "db" subdirectory.)

sudo RAILS_ENV=development fig run db bash -c 'pg_restore -h $DB_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR -d $DB_ENV_POSTGRESQL_DB -U $DB_ENV_POSTGRESQL_USER  /mnt/latest.dump'

Run the app:

sudo RAILS_ENV=development fig up --no-recreate app

The app should now be available at http://localhost:3333.


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