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Ubuntu-based image with SeCo Language Analysis Services pre-installed.
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Quick usage

$ docker run --rm -p 19990:9000 -t -i milankinen/seco-las 
# "dockerhost" hostname alias points to your docker host machine's address
$ curl 'http://dockerhost:19990/las/baseform?text=Terve+maailmaan!&locale=fi'
# =>
# "terve maailma !"

Memory configuration

By default, the application uses 2G memory which is the absolute minimum requirement -
smaller amounts cause OutOfMemoryError exceptions due to big sizes of the used models.

Memory can be configured by using LAS_MEMORY environment variable. The value is integer
describing Java process memory in megabytes, e.g

$ docker run --rm -e LAS_MEMORY=4096 -p 19990:9000 -t -i milankinen/seco-las 


See the official documentation.


The dockerfile and build files are licensed under MIT

However, note that the dependencies inside the container have different licenses:

Dependency License
seco-lexicalanalysis and seco-lexicalanalysis-play MIT
seco-hfst Apache-2.0
HFST models GPLv3
mate-tools GPLv3
marmot GPLv3
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