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Live Preview Latex for detecting both .tex and .bib
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Latex Live Preview

Latex Live Preview with watchdog

Here is a first beta. It may be some bug.


  • Live Preview, when you save .tex or .bib
  • Support only evince (pdf viewer).
  • Show only Error and Warning message, for easily to debug. Source
    is adapted from Here
  • Automatic convert to pdf & clean junk files

Dockerize this project

  • Build this project

      docker build -t mildronize/latex-live-preview .
  • Run Latex with live preview on Docker

      docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD:/src" mildronize/latex-live-preview /app/watchdog_latex [LATEX FILE NAME w/o extension]


$ sudo pip3 install watchdog


  1. Clone this project.

     git clone /tmp/latex-live-preview
  2. copy bin/watchdog_latex and bin/topdf into your latex project:

     $ cp /tmp/latex-live-preview/bin/{watchdog_latex, topdf} /path/to/your/project


  • Run ./watchdog_latex [LATEX FILE NAME w/o extension]
  • Save .tex or .bib when file is changed, the program will compile
    latex to pdf
  • If .pdf is exist, run evince [LATE FILE NAME].pdf& into background
  • Enjoy! your writing with latex when you save, the pdf viewer will be
    reload automatically

Example usage

If I have report.tex , ref.bib, and report.tex import bib from

  • ./watchdog_latex report
  • Open pdf evince report.pdf&
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