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My blog with Jekyll
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my blog

Serve Jekyll with Docker Compose

docker-compose up

Dockerize Jekyll for my blog.

  • How to build with Docker

      sudo docker build -t mildronize/ .
  • Simple run jekyll with Docker

      docker run --rm --label=jekyll -v "$PWD:/src" -it -e DEBUG=true -p 4000:4000 mildronize/ jekyll serve --host
  • Enable Debug mode on Docker -e DEBUG=true

  • Run on Windows

       docker run --rm -it -v "//c/Users/Mildronize/git-projects/" -p $(docker-machine ip `docker-machine active`):4000:4000  mildronize/ jekyll serve --force_polling --host

    add this -e TZ=Asia/Bangkok when change timzone

  • Problem: Run Jekyll with docker-machine can't use auto generation ( on Windows)

    • Solution: add --force_polling at the end of Jekyll command. Read more


Notes is a collection of post which is "notes" category


  • articles
  • templates
  • notes
  • projects


  • default: the parent of other layouts
  • page: page layout, it is located at root
  • post: regular post, quick post, everything to write

    • Enable table of contents: add toc parameter into header
      toc: true
  • showcase: extra layout for displaying template, project script or anything want to show

    • There are 3 buttons: Home, Demo, Source code
    • extra parameter in yaml header of each file
      • description: brief explanation
      • image: screenshot of showcase
      • home: link to home of showcase
      • demo: link to demo of showcase
      • source: link to source code of showcase
    • example the post uses showcase layout


    layout: showcase

    category: templates



/_posts collects 3 categories:

  • articles: quick post
  • templates: use showcase layout

      layout: showcase
      category: templates
  • notes: flexible page, usually use permalink and description

      layout: post
      category: notes
      permalink: notes/__note_name__
    • Feature the note: add featured parameter into header
      featured: true

Public Directory


  • Theme
    • hyde.css
    • mildronize.css
    • poole.css
    • syntax.css
  • Font
    • boon-font.css
  • Pure css

    • forms-min.css
    • buttons-min.css
  • Icon

    • font-awesome-4.3.0.min.css
  • Extension
    • expanding-search-bar.css


  • Expanding Search Bar
    • uisearch.js
    • classie.js
  • Seach page
    • angular.min.js
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