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Short Description distribution of Neos CMS
Full Description distribution of Neos CMS

Open-source version of project,
the prototyping tool built on top of Neos CMS and
Zurb Foundation framework.


This is a Prototype Brewery distribution of Neos CMS. It is based on Neos CMS
Base distribution, but with M12.Foundation
plugin installed (and its dependencies). M12.Foundation aims to implement
all Zurb Foundation components, in the best possible way, inside Neos CMS.

This work uses Docker containers. It will launch
one container with MariaDB database and another container with Nginx/PHP
to serve Neos CMS. Therefore some familiarity with Docker is desired.


Short version

  • map DOCKER_IP dev.neos-protobrew neos-protobrew in your /etc/hosts file
  • clone this repository and run:
    docker-compose pull
    docker-compose up
  • Once you see success: nginx entered RUNNING state in the console,
    go to http://dev.neos-protobrew:8899/
    in your browser. edition of Neos CMS is ready!

Long version

  • You will need a machine with Docker daemon to run Docker containers.
  • Add line with DOCKER_IP dev.neos-protobrew neos-protobrew
    to /etc/hosts file on your machine.
  • Clone this repository (optionally: just grab
    docker-compose.yml file from here).
  • Run docker-compose pull to pull the necessary containers from Note: this might take
    a little while (~1.4GB).
  • Run docker-compose up.
    Wait till all containers are running. You will see messages about
    setting up Neos CMS and at the end you will see something like
    success: nginx entered RUNNING state and success: php-fpm entered RUNNING state.
  • Go to http://dev.neos-protobrew:8899/neos
    to login to Neos CMS back-end.
    Use username: admin, password: password to log in.
  • The front-end page is available under
    Caveat: It'is blank by default until you add and publish some content

At any time you can stop containers by pressing CTRL+C. Later on simply
run docker-compose up again to continue from where you left it.


Docker Compose starts SSH container on port :5555.
Run ssh -p 5555 www@DOCKER_IP and you are inside.
The code resides inside ~/neos-site directory. You can use this access
to run ./flow tool and edit/change/upload files via SFTP.

Authorisation to this SSH is possible via your public key.
Set IMPORT_GITHUB_PUB_KEYS in docker-compose.yml to your GitHub username
and your key will be imported from there automatically (using public GitHub API).

Front-end development

Go to ~/neos-site/Packages/Sites/Pb.Site. Available npm commands:

npm install
npm build
npm build:prod
npm start # starts BrowserSync with watch


  • Marcin Ryzycki
  • Samuel Ryzycki

Sponsored by - the new prototyping tool
for building fully interactive prototypes of your website or web app. Built on top of
Neos CMS and Zurb Foundation framework.

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