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Rackspace backup agent, driveclient.
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Rackspace backup agent, driveclient | Docker image

Docker image million12/rackspace-cloud-backup with Rackspace cloud backup agent, driveclient.

Contains installed driveclient. Once you run it and provide required ENV variables (see below), in the Rackspace Cloud Panel for given server, you should see Backup Agent: Installed status. Now you can configure your backup routines.

Few notes:

  • driveclient randomly hits Rackspace HTTP(s) error 403 which results in lack of connection with Cloud Backup. The run script tries to handle that and checks logs for HTTP(s) error code = 403 or Could not post an event. If it happens, it restarts the daemon automatically. And it does so until success.
  • The script handles also error 400 which indicates connection problem (make sure you run this container with --net=host option!), errors with agent registration (bad credentials). In case of these errors, the container exists and you must fix the issue.

See Rackspace Cloud Backup - Install the agent on Linux for more info.


You will need to set the following ENV variables:

API_HOST: cloud backup API hostname for your region (check Rackspace website)
API_KEY: 32-char length API key to your account
ACCOUNT_ID: your Rackspace account ID
USERNAME: Rackspace account username

docker pull million12/rackspace-cloud-backup:latest

docker run \
  --name=driveclient \
  --net=host \
  -v /:/mnt/host \
  --volumes-from=some-other-container \
  --env="" \
  --env="API_KEY=32lengthApiKeyFromYourRaxAccount" \
  --env="ACCOUNT_ID=01234567" \
  --env="USERNAME=account-username" \



Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE.

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