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SSH Daemon (CentOS7 & Supervisor)
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#SSH Daemon (CentOS 7 & Supervisor)

million12/ssh docker image with SSHD running under CentOS 7 and Supervisor.


to be able to connect user can provide port and password for root user. Please see examples below.


docker run \
    -d \
    --name ssh \
    -p 10022:22 \

if root passoword is not provided image will generate one and it can be retrived from logs

docker logs ssh
[SSHD 09:49:22] root password set to: ota7zohsh0AZu2Ex

Login using that password:

ssh -p 10022
root@docker.ip's password: ota7zohsh0AZu2Ex

Environmental Variable

ROOT_PASS = root user password

Custom Password deployment


docker run \
    -d \
    --name ssh \
    -p 10022:22 \
    --env="ROOT_PASS=my_pass" \

Docker troubleshooting

Use docker command to see if all required containers are up and running:

$ docker ps -a

Check online logs of ssh container:

$ docker logs ssh

Attach to running ssh container (to detach the tty without exiting the shell,
use the escape sequence Ctrl+p + Ctrl+q):

$ docker attach ssh

Sometimes you might just want to review how things are deployed inside a running container, you can do this by executing a bash shell through docker's exec command:

docker exec -i -t ssh /bin/bash

History of an image and size of layers:

docker history --no-trunc=true million12/ssh | tr -s ' ' | tail -n+2 | awk -F " ago " '{print $2}'


Author: Przemyslaw Ozgo (

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