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wolf-xmr-miner is Wolf's OpenCL XMR Miner for AMD GPUs.
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What is wolf-xmr-miner?

wolf-xmr-miner is Wolf's OpenCL XMR Miner for AMD GPUs.


How to use this image

Configuration file

Create xmr.conf configuration file and adapt to your need before running.
You can copy file from a container:

$ docker run --name some-wolf-xmr-miner-config minecoins/wolf-xmr-miner
$ docker cp some-wolf-xmr-miner-config:/opt/wolf-xmr-miner/xmr.conf .
$ docker stop some-wolf-xmr-miner-config
$ docker rm some-wolf-xmr-miner-config

or copy example from GitHub.

Use a GPU index of -1 to run on the CPU. The only other config item needed is "threads", but rawIntensity and worksize must still be set to a non-zero value.


Run in background:

$ docker run -td --name some-wolf-xmr-miner -v "$PWD"/xmr.conf:/opt/wolf-xmr-miner/xmr.conf minecoins/wolf-xmr-miner xmr.conf

Fetch logs of a container:

$ docker logs some-wolf-xmr-miner


Donations for work on dockerizing are accepted at:

  • BTC: 1NUMFM6UTv9iRVVzjsfhzbAGjwNxQRA8Qz
  • XMR: 49TfoHGd6apXxNQTSHrMBq891vH6JiHmZHbz5Vx36nLRbz6WgcJunTtgcxnoG6snKFeGhAJB5LjyAEnvhBgCs5MtEgML3LU
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