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Building the binaries

docker run -it -v /tmp/bin:/ngrok/bin \
    -e CA_CERT="`awk 1 ORS='\\n' <CA_CERT_FILE>`" \

Server and client binaries will be available in /tmp/bin on the host.

Running the server

docker run -d --net host \
    -e TLS_CERT="`awk 1 ORS='\\n' <TLS_CERT_FILE>`" \
    -e TLS_KEY="`awk 1 ORS='\\n' <TLS_KEY_FILE>`" \
    -e CA_CERT="`awk 1 ORS='\\n' <CA_CERT_FILE>`" \
    -e DOMAIN="your.domain" \

Environment Variables

TLS_CERT        TLS cert file for setting up tls connection
TLS_KEY         TLS key file for setting up tls connection
CA_CERT         CA cert file for compiling ngrok
DOMAIN          domain name that ngrok running on
TUNNEL_ADDR     address that ngrok server's control channel listens to, ":4443" by default
HTTP_ADDR       address that ngrok server's http tunnel listents to, ":80 by default"
HTTPS_ADDR      address that ngrok server's https tunnel listents to, ":80 by default"
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