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Short Description
Minio is an Amazon S3 compatible object storage server.
Full Description

Minio Quickstart Guide

Minio is an object storage server released under Apache License v2.0. It is compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service. It is best suited for storing unstructured data such as photos, videos, log files, backups and container / VM images. Size of an object can range from a few KBs to a maximum of 5TB.

Minio server is light enough to be bundled with the application stack, similar to NodeJS, Redis and MySQL.

Docker Container


docker pull minio/minio
docker run -p 9000:9000 minio/minio server /data


docker pull minio/minio:edge
docker run -p 9000:9000 minio/minio:edge server /data

Please visit Minio Docker quickstart guide for more here



Install minio packages using Homebrew

brew install minio/stable/minio
minio server /data


If you previously installed minio using brew install minio then it is recommended that you reinstall minio from minio/stable/minio official repo instead.

brew uninstall minio
brew install minio/stable/minio

Binary Download

Platform Architecture URL
Apple macOS 64-bit Intel
chmod 755 minio
./minio server /data


Binary Download

Platform Architecture URL
GNU/Linux 64-bit Intel
chmod +x minio
./minio server /data


You can install the latest minio snap, and help testing the most recent changes of the master branch in all the supported Linux distros with:

sudo snap install minio --edge

Every time a new version of minio is pushed to the store, you will get it updated automatically.

You will need to allow the minio snap to observe mounts in the system:

sudo snap connect minio:mount-observe

Microsoft Windows

Binary Download

Platform Architecture URL
Microsoft Windows 64-bit
minio.exe server D:\Photos



Install minio packages using pkg

pkg install minio
sysrc minio_enable=yes
sysrc minio_disks=/home/user/Photos
service minio start

Install from Source

Source installation is only intended for developers and advanced users. If you do not have a working Golang environment, please follow How to install Golang.

go get -u

Test using Minio Browser

Minio Server comes with an embedded web based object browser. Point your web browser to ensure your server has started successfully.

Test using Minio Client mc

mc provides a modern alternative to UNIX commands like ls, cat, cp, mirror, diff etc. It supports filesystems and Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage services. Follow the Minio Client Quickstart Guide for further instructions.

Explore Further

Contribute to Minio Project

Please follow Minio Contributor's Guide

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository

Comments (14)
6 months ago

@trgovko you can join us at for further questions. You can look at following document to configure minio with TLS -

6 months ago


Love this image but I have a question. I'm using minio in dlockercloud ( and would like to have a https link like Is this possible? How can be done? Can anyone please help me with this? I'm using haproxy for domain load balancing. Thank you!

7 months ago

Great news! Thanks so much.

7 months ago

We won't be removing the tags anymore, we had to remove because there was breaking change to the docker image.

We will make sure in future this won't happen @wrsenn

8 months ago

Great tool, I've been using it as the S3 server for a docker-compose project.

Can you please keep tags around longer (and preferably match them in some way to your releases in Git)? A tag I was relying upon was removed, and the newer version of the Minio container required us to change our composition unexpectedly.

9 months ago

@raulsalamanca you can build mc outside of Minio.

CGO_ENABLED=0 go get -u

This will build a statically compiled binary.

9 months ago

How I can access to mc commands inside docker container?

9 months ago

For anyone looking for an ARM version of a Dockerfile for Minio:

a year ago

@kokemomuke we make releases all the time here is our ARM build

And sample dockerfile is available here

a year ago

@y4m4 thanks for sharing link, now i am trying to use arm minio in docker, where can i find sample Dockerfile?