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Short Description
Collection of tests to detect overall correctness of Minio server.
Full Description


Mint is a testing framework for Minio object server, available as a docker image. It runs correctness, benchmarking and stress tests. Following are the SDKs/tools used in correctness tests.

  • awscli
  • aws-sdk-go
  • aws-sdk-php
  • aws-sdk-ruby
  • mc
  • minio-go
  • minio-java
  • minio-js
  • minio-py
  • minio-dotnet
  • s3cmd

Running Mint

Mint is run by docker run command which requires Docker to be installed. For Docker installation follow the steps here.

To run Mint with Minio Play server as test target,

$ docker run -e -e ACCESS_KEY=Q3AM3UQ867SPQQA43P2F \
             -e SECRET_KEY=zuf+tfteSlswRu7BJ86wekitnifILbZam1KYY3TG -e ENABLE_HTTPS=1 minio/mint

After the tests are run, output is stored in /mint/log directory inside the container. To get these logs, use docker cp command. For example

docker cp <container-id>:/mint/log /tmp/logs

Mint environment variables

Below environment variables are required to be passed to the docker container. Supported environment variables:

Environment variable Description Example
SERVER_ENDPOINT Endpoint of Minio server in the format HOST:PORT
SECRET_KEY Secret Key of access SERVER_ENDPOINT zuf+tfteSlswRu7BJ86wekitnifILbZam1KYY3TG
ENABLE_HTTPS (Optional) Set 1 to indicate to use HTTPS to access SERVER_ENDPOINT. Defaults to 0 (HTTP) 1
MINT_MODE (Optional) Set mode indicating what category of tests to be run by values core or full. Defaults to core full

Mint log format

All test logs are stored in /mint/log/log.json as multiple JSON document. Below is the JSON format for every entry in the log file.

JSON field Type Description Example
name string Testing tool/SDK name "aws-sdk-php"
function string Test function name "getBucketLocation ( array $params = [] )"
args object (Optional) Key/Value map of arguments passed to test function {"Bucket":"aws-sdk-php-bucket-20341"}
duration int Time taken in milliseconds to run the test 384
status string one of PASS, FAIL or NA "PASS"
alert string (Optional) Alert message indicating test failure "I/O error on create file"
message string (Optional) Any log message "validating checksum of downloaded object"
error string Detailed error message including stack trace on status FAIL "Error executing \"CompleteMultipartUpload\" on ...

For Developers

Running Mint development code

After making changes to Mint source code a local docker image can be built/run by

$ docker build -t minio/mint . -f
$ docker run -e -e ACCESS_KEY=Q3AM3UQ867SPQQA43P2F \
             -e SECRET_KEY=zuf+tfteSlswRu7BJ86wekitnifILbZam1KYY3TG \
             -e ENABLE_HTTPS=1 -e MINT_MODE=full minio/mint:latest

Adding tests with new tool/SDK

Below are the steps need to be followed

  • Create new app directory under build and run/core directories.
  • Create which does installation of required tool/SDK under app directory.
  • Any build and install time dependencies should be added to install-packages.list.
  • Build time dependencies should be added to remove-packages.list for removal to have clean Mint docker image.
  • Add in app directory under run/core which execute actual tests.

Test data

Tests may use pre-created data set to perform various object operations on Minio server. Below data files are available under /mint/data directory.

File name Size
datafile-1-b 1B
datafile-10-kB 10KiB
datafile-33-kB 33KiB
datafile-100-kB 100KiB
datafile-1-MB 1MiB
datafile-1.03-MB 1.03MiB
datafile-5-MB 5MiB
datafile-6-MB 6MiB
datafile-11-MB 11MiB
datafile-65-MB 65MiB
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