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Docker image for running the Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface.

The versions currently included are aws-cli 1.7.45 on Python 2.7.6.


The aws command is a command line interface for Amazon's Web Services,
like EC2, S3, etc.

The docker-aws-cli creates a Docker image containing all dependencies needed to run aws. That way, you can run aws in a Docker container without setting the aws dependencies on the host system.

Run from Docker Hub

A pre-built image is available on Docker Hub and can be run as follows:

docker run -t -i fstab/aws-cli

The container will start a bash shell with the aws command ready to use.

In the examples directory in the Docker container, you find a script that can be used
to start your first EC2 instance. See examples for more info.

Build from Source

  1. Make sure Docker is installed.
  2. Clone docker-aws-cli from GitHub

    git clone
  3. Build the docker image

    cd docker-aws-cli
    docker build -t="fstab/aws-cli" .
  4. Run a docker container with that image

    docker run -t -i fstab/aws-cli

Getting started with the AWS CLI

The script examples/ can be used to set up an EC2 instance. See examples for more info.

For documentation on the AWS CLI, see the AWS command line interface documentation and the aws-cli GitHub page.

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