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Read data from MS Access MDB files by Python on alpine.
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Read data from MS Access MDB files by Python, only read, built on alpine.

Based on:

  • MDB Tools MDB Tools is a set of programs to help you use Microsoft Access file in various settings.
  • mdbread A simple Cython-based wrapper for the excellent MDBTools package to read data from MS Access MDB files.

Thanks these two amazing projects.

What this project did

  • Compile and install MDB Tools on alpine.
  • Remove mdbread's DEPRECATED code, remove pandas for a smaller size image and easy to build, then install mdbread.


  1. You can modify the file repositories to change the repositories of apk(Alpine Linux package management) for a faster download.
  2. Mdbread use pandas (a famous python data analyis packages) to return DataFrame object, i remove the pandas to save about half size of this image(235MB > 123MB). If u need DataFrame object, u can modify mdbread/mdbread.pyx and Dockerfile to add pandas support, there's a tag in github that built with pandas, it would help.

How to use

  • Pull and test

      >> docker run mio101/mdbread-alpine python -c "import mdbread;print(mdbread)"
      Unable to find image 'mio101/mdbread-alpine:latest' locally
      latest: Pulling from mio101/mdbread-alpine
      2aecc7e1714b: Already exists
      665060bf69b5: Pull complete
      7d37ce5e6761: Pull complete
      24e603a66a49: Pull complete
      Digest: sha256:378300b9e6a7803907cda9fe7e98b2859e78ba1426cb76fd40eabd87d66bc36b
      Status: Downloaded newer image for mio101/mdbread-alpine:latest
      <module 'mdbread' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/'>

    Notice the last line that printed info of module mdbread, it means that the mdbread module has been successfully loaded.

  • mdbread Usage

    • From mdbread

        >>> import mdbread
        >>> db = mdbread.MDB("MyDB.mdb")
        >>> print db.tables
        ["tbl1", "tbl2", "tbl3"]
        >>> tbl = db["tbl1"]
        >>> print tbl.columns

      To get the data in a table, you have three options:

      mdbread.Table.records() returns a generator of dictionaries, where the keys are column names and the values are the data.

      iter(mdbread.Table) will return a namedtuple for each row. You can also use this form with for row in tbl:

      NOT SUPPORT IN THIS PROJECT: mdbread.Table.to_data_frame() will return a pandas DataFrame containing all the data for the entire table (possibly requiring lots of memory).

    • Tips

      mdbread.Table.records() and iter(mdbread.Table) will return a generator of namedtuple, it's convenience to use for dealing with data, bravo :)

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