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A Docker version of MIRIAD
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MIRIAD is a radio astronomy data reduction package. This is the MIRIAD version build by CSIRO/ATNF.

You can run this like this:

docker run -it -v `pwd`:/data miriad/miriad <cmd> <args>

where <cmd> is a Miriad command with arguments <args>.

Make this easier by setting:

alias d='docker run -it -v `pwd`:/data miriad/miriad'

after which you can run all the normal miriad commands like, e.g.,:

d fits in=image.fits op=xyin

If you want to run the interactive Miriad shell:

d miriad

The command mounts the current directory in the image as /data. On Macs this only works when started in /Users.
Use just the command:


to get a command prompt in /data so you can run scripts etc.

No X server is included, so to look at the data make png or ps plots and view the images on the host machine.

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