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spark 2.1.0 with zeppelin 0.7.1 and spark-history-server
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This docker image provides a local spark installation with zeppelin and a running spark-history-server.
It is uploaded in dockerhub in a public repository.

I use it to evaluate independently spark code in a more convenient way then a spark-shell.

See dockerfile in github:


  • spark version="2.1.0"
  • zeppelin version="0.7.1"
  • hadoop version="2.7"

Start the container

  docker run -it -p 18080:18080 -p 8088:8080   mirkoprescha/spark-zeppelin

Open Zeppelin and Spark History Server

In your local browser

Probably, you have to wait roughly 10 second until zeppelin daemon has been started, right after starting the container.


Copy your spark jar to docker container

Start another shell session and copy the jar-file into the docker container.
Following command copies it into your latest started container.

docker cp <your-jar-file.jar> $(docker ps  -l -q):/work/

Run spark job

Go back to container session. You should be connected as root in the docker container:

cd /work
spark-submit   --class <your-class-name-with-package> \
      <your-jar-file.jar> \

Changes in dockerfile

After changes in Dockerfile goto project home dir and run

docker build  -t mirkoprescha/spark-zeppelin .

Push to docker hub

docker push  mirkoprescha/spark-zeppelin


if container session is lost

docker start CONTAINER_ID
docker attach CONTAINER_ID

run as background session

add - d

Docker Pull Command