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cyao2pdf image for converting office docs to pdf
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image encapsulating cyao2pdf from

run the image

docker run -p 8080:8080 mirsaes/cyao2pdf:beta

check status

curl http://localhost:8080/live/health

curl http://localhost:8080/live/health?testConvert=true

post a file to convert

curl -X POST -F "name=test.txt" -F "file=@/home/mirsaes/test.txt" http://localhost:8080/live/topdf > textdemo.pdf

curl -X POST -F "name=bogus.doc" -F "file=@/home/mirsaes/test.doc" http://localhost:8080/live/topdf > docdemo.pdf

request document at url to be converted

curl -X POST -F "name=test.docx" -F "file=" http://localhost:8080/live/urltopdf > urldemo.pdf

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