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Sync data to or from Manta
Full Description in a Docker image.

docker run -d --restart=always \
-e "TLSCA=`cat "$DOCKER_CERT_PATH"/ca.pem`" \
-e "TLSCERT=`cat "$DOCKER_CERT_PATH"/cert.pem`" \
-e "TLSKEY=`cat "$DOCKER_CERT_PATH"/key.pem`" \
-e "DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/root/.sdc/docker/" \

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manta-sync ./ ~~/stor/foo

manta-sync requires 2 arguments, the first is a local directory that you
would like to sync the contents of into manta. The second is
a manta directory that you would like the files to by synced to.

All remote directories will be lazily created for you if they do not exist,
relying on the latest manta node module for this behavior.

If you supply -r, manta-sync will work in reverse, pulling files from
manta onto your local filesystem.

manta-sync -r ~~/stor/foo ./foo


usage: manta-sync [OPTIONS] localdir ~~/remotedir

synchronize all files found inside `localdir` to `~~/remotedir`


  manta-sync ./ ~~/stor/foo
    - sync all files in your cwd to the dir ~~/stor/foo

  manta-sync --dry-run ./ ~~/stor/foo
    - same as above, but just HEAD the data, don't PUT

  manta-sync -r ~~/stor/foo ./bar
    - sync all files from manta in ~~/stor/foo to the local dir ./bar

    -a ACCOUNT, --account=ACCOUNT       Manta Account (login name). Environment:
    --user=USER, --subuser=USER         Manta User (login name). Environment:
    --role=ROLE,ROLE,...                Assume a role. Use multiple times or
                                        once with a list. Environment:
    -h, --help                          Print this help and exit
    -i, --insecure                      Do not validate SSL certificate.
                                        Environment: MANTA_TLS_INSECURE=1
    -k FINGERPRINT, --keyId=FINGERPRINT SSH key fingerprint. Environment:
    -u URL, --url=URL                   Manta URL. Environment: MANTA_URL=URL
    -v, --verbose                       verbose mode
    -c COPIES, --copies=COPIES          number of copies to make
    -d, --delete                        delete files on the remote end not found
    -x ARG, --exclude=ARG               a pattern to ignore when searching the
                                        local filesystem
    -H HEADER, --header=HEADER          HTTP headers to include
    -j, --just-delete                   don't send local files, just delete
                                        extra remote files
    -m, --md5                           use md5 instead of file size (slower,
                                        but more accurate)
    -n, --dry-run                       don't perform any remote PUT or DELETE
                                        limit concurrent operations
    -r, --reverse                       manta to local sync
    -U, --updates                       check for available updates on npm
    -V, --version                       print the version number and exit
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