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Test First Test First Test
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Test First Test First Test ( TFTFT )

An application that show basic test reports (mocha & istanbul) with a max of cool stuff

Run with NodeJs

TFTFT ExpressJs - TFTFT AngularJs :

npm install
  • ExpressJs dependencies : body-parser - cookie-parser - debug - express - jade - morgan - serve-favicon
  • Bower dependencies : bower - bower-requirejs
    • bower install is called in npm postinstall AngularJs - RequireJs - BootstrapCss
    • bower-requirejs is called in bower postinstall (see .bowerrc) to generate main requirejs file
  • md-mailgun : my dependency to send me a mail with mailgun
npm start

Start ExpressJs server and listen to http://localhost:3000 to serve api and static files.

TFTFT Test :

npm test

Mocha runner with config (test/**/*.js) and Istanbul auto-instrumented coverage/report

  • TFTFT Unit Test : mocha
  • TFTFT Route Test : supertest
  • TFTFT Coverage Test : istanbul
  • TFTFT Specification Test : selenium-webdriver in folder 'test/spec/'
  • Note for Specification Test :
    Selenium Server : Local or Remote ? ... Up to Developer !
    Default to Remote for the needs of this repo : saucelabs instrumented in tests with TravisCI configuration.

For local or remote :
In test/spec/test-wdjs-spec.js change var isLocalSeleniumServer = false;

 * _**Local Selenium Server :**_  
   * _Change config with :_  
     var option_local = {
             server: '',
             desiredCapabilities: { browserName: 'firefox' },

   * _Start a local selenium server_  

    /*Example with selenium-standalone (not include in this package)*/
    npm install selenium-standalone;
    ./node_modules/.bin/selenium-standalone install;
    ./node_modules/.bin/selenium-standalone start;
 * _**Remote Selenium Server with SauceLabs :**_  

   _For Travis :  
   **In `test/spec/test-wdjs-spec.js` change `var travis = true;`**_

   * _**With Travis environnement** `var travis = true;` (default) :_  
    _Config in **`test/spec/option-travis-sauce.js`** :_  
    SAUCE_USERNAME=[secure] and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=[secure] must be set in Travis env variable
    TRAVIS_JOB_NUMBER, TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER are automatically set by Travis
    _BROWSER, _PLATFORM, _VERSION are define in .travis.yml matrix

   * _**Without Travis environnement** `var travis = false;` :_   
   _Config in **`test/spec/option-sauce.js`** :_
    In local environnement :
    $ export SAUCE_USERNAME=[secure]
    $ export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=[secure]

  _Change baseUrl to address app in a cloud developpement environnement  
  For this repo, **`baseUrl:''`** on Codenvy_  

TFTFT Resources

For app example : Mocha test html reports + Coverage reports + saucelabs matrix

npm run app-resources

Istanbul auto-instrumented coverage/report - Mocha runner with default config (test/unit/*.js test/route/*.js) for :

  • TFTFT Mocha doc reporter ('one by one' in public/report)
  • TFTFT Istanbul Coverage Test Report in public/cov
  • TFTFT Saucelabs matrix : download the last remote tests badge to public/images/misterdevo.svg

TFTFT Automation

Tasks automation with Grunt for unit and route tests with Istanbul Coverage Test Report during developpement

  • grunt-contrib-watch
  • grunt-contrib-clean
  • grunt-mocha-istanbul
  • grunt-contrib-jshint
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