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Contains image of Ubuntu 16.04 with Buzz and ARGoS
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Compiling and running the examples

There are two main files that you should be editing:

  • Your Buzz script, yourScript.bzz
  • The ARGoS file, yourScript.argos

After any edits in the Buzz script, compile with the following command:

$ bzzc yourScript.bzz

Successful compilation of the script would output two files:

  •, a bytecode file
  • yourScript.bdb, a debug file

In your .argos file, you will need to reference these two files by adding a <params> field in your <buzz_controller_footbot> field as shown below:

 <buzz_controller_footbot id="bcf">
      <differential_steering implementation="default" />
      <leds implementation="default" medium="leds" />
      <range_and_bearing implementation="default" />
      <range_and_bearing implementation="medium" medium="rab" show_rays="true" noise_std_dev="0" />
    <params bytecode_file="" debug_file="yourScript.bdb" />

More infomation on how to edit :code:.argos files can be found here

To run the .argos file, type in the following:

$ argos3 -c yourScript.argos
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