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Userspace NFS with Ganesha on Ubuntu Xenial
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NFS Ganesha

A user mode nfs server implemented in a container. Supports serving NFS (v3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.1 pNFS, 4.2) and 9P. This container should also be configurable with all of the nfs-ganesha supported FSAL backends.

Currently generates a config for just serving a local path over nfs. However supplying GANESHA_CONFIGFILE would allow ganesha to be pointed to a bind mounted config file for other FASLs/more advanced configuration.


  • ganesha: 2.4
  • glusterfs-common: 3.11

Environment Variables

  • GANESHA_LOGFILE: log file location
  • GANESHA_CONFIGFILE: location of ganesha.conf
  • GANESHA_OPTIONS: command line options to pass to ganesha
  • GANESHA_EPOCH: ganesha epoch value
  • GANESHA_EXPORT_ID: ganesha unique export id
  • GANESHA_EXPORT: export location
  • GANESHA_ACCESS: export access acl list
  • GANESHA_ROOT_ACCESS: export root access acl list
  • GANESHA_NFS_PROTOCOLS: nfs protocols to support
  • GANESHA_TRANSPORTS: nfs transports to support
  • STARTUP_SCRIPT: location of a shell script to execute on start

Environment Placement in Config File

        # Export Id (mandatory, each EXPORT must have a unique Export_Id)
        Export_Id = ${GANESHA_EXPORT_ID};

        # Exported path (mandatory)
        Path = ${GANESHA_EXPORT};

        # Pseudo Path (for NFS v4)
        Pseudo = /;

        # Access control options
        Access_Type = RW;
        Squash = No_Root_Squash;
        Root_Access = "${GANESHA_ROOT_ACCESS}";
        Access = "${GANESHA_ACCESS}";

        # NFS protocol options
        Transports = "${GANESHA_TRANSPORTS}";
        Protocols = "${GANESHA_NFS_PROTOCOLS}";

        SecType = "sys";

        # Exporting FSAL
        FSAL {
            Name = VFS;


docker run -d \
--name nfs \
-v /local/export/path:/export \
mitcdh/nfs-ganesha \


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