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POST to generate Dropshare like S3 uploads somewhat compatible with Twitter clients
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I wanted a way to generate Dropshare equivalent uploads from Tweetbot/other platforms so quickly threw this together.

Environment Variables

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY: AWS Access Key
  • AWS_SECRET_KEY: AWS Secret Key
  • AWS_BUCKET_NAME: Bucket name to upload to
  • AWS_ENDPOINT: Optional AWS Endpoint DNS name
  • AWS_PATH_PREFIX: Optional Path prefix to upload to
  • PUBLIC_URL: Optional public URL/CNAME to access the files
  • URL_SHORT_API: Optional URL of URL Shortening API, only tested with YOURLS
  • URL_SHORT_KEY: Optional URL shortening API key


Running the Docker Container

docker run -d \
    --name postshare \
    -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY="some-key" \
    -e AWS_SECRET_KEY="some-other-key" \
    -e AWS_BUCKET_NAME="bucket-name" \
    -e AWS_ENDPOINT="" \
    -e AWS_PATH_PREFIX="s/" \
    -e PUBLIC_URL="https://my.public.url/" \
    -e URL_SHORT_API="https://my.url.shortener/yourls-api.php" \
    -e URL_SHORT_KEY="another-other-key" \

Post-install Curl

curl -X POST -F "media=@/file/location"

Or add to Tweetbot or any application which respects similar Custom Media Uploads


  • /www: Web root

Exposed Ports

  • 80: http web server


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