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Containerized DSpace 1.8

This will provide a DSpace 1.8 instance for local development that is connected to a Postgres container. To get this up and running, first create the Postgres container:

$ docker run --name db -d postgres

The first time you run the DSpace container you will need to initialize the Postgres database and create a DSpace admin account. Pass the admin information as environment variables. Make sure you link this to the Postgres container you created:

$ docker run -P --link db:pg -e ADMIN_EMAIL='' -e ADMIN_FIRST_NAME=John \
    -e ADMIN_LAST_NAME=Smith -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=password -d mitlibraries/dspace initialize

The previous step will leave you with a DSpace instance running on container port 8080. Use docker ps to see what port this is mapped to on your host machine. If you wish to later create another container connecting to the same Postgres instance you just need to run:

$ docker run -P --link db:pg -d mitlibraries/dspace

DSpace Hostname

Depending on how you have things set up, you may need to pass the base URL for your DSpace instance to the container when starting it up. By default, this is set to http://localhost:8080. If you will be accessing DSpace at a different location--a different port, for example--you should pass this as an environment variable ( BASE_URL ) when running the container. For example:

$ docker run -p 8888:8080 -e BASE_URL=http://localhost:8888 --link db:pg -d mitlibraries/dspace
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