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my rundeck
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This repository contains the source for the Rundeck docker image.

Image details

  1. Based on debian:jessie
  2. Supervisor, Apache2, and rundeck
  3. No SSH. Use docker exec or nsenter
  4. If RUNDECK_PASSWORD is not supplied, it will be randomly generated and shown via stdout.
  5. Supply the SERVER_URL or else you won't get too far :)
  6. As always, update passwords for pre-installed accounts
  7. I sometimes get connection reset by peer errors when building the Docker image from the Rundeck download URL. Trying again usually works.

Automated build

docker pull jordan/rundeck


Start a new container and bind to host's port 4440

sudo docker run -p 4440:4440 -e SERVER_URL=http://MY.HOSTNAME.COM:4440 -t jordan/rundeck:latest

Rundeck plugins

To add (external) plugins, add the jars to the /opt/rundeck-plugins volume and they will be copied over to Rundeck's libext directory at container startup

Environment variables

SERVER_URL - Full URL in the form http://MY.HOSTNAME.COM:4440, http//123.456.789.012:4440, etc

RDECK_JVM - Additional parameters sent to the rundeck JVM (ex: -Dserver.web.context=/rundeck)

DATABASE_URL - For use with (container) external database

RUNDECK_PASSWORD - MySQL 'rundeck' user password

RUNDECK_STORAGE_PROVIDER - Options file (default) or db.  See:

RUNDECK_PROJECT_STORAGE_TYPE - Options file (default) or db.  See:


NO_LOCAL_MYSQL - false (default).  Set to true if using an external MySQL container or instance.  Make sure to set DATABASE_URL and RUNDECK_PASSWORD (used for JDBC connection to MySQL).  Further details for setting up MYSQL:


/var/lib/rundeck - Not recommended to use as a volume as it contains webapp.  For SSH key you can use the this volume: /var/lib/rundeck/.ssh
/opt/rundeck-plugins - For adding external plugins
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