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Suggestion detection in english text
Full Description

Please find the module at:
Latest stable version (Tag name): 1.0.0-python3.5

This module takes in a sentence or a tweet and predicts if it contains a suggestion or not.
The source code can be found here:

At the core of the module, there is a sentence and short text (tweet) binary classifier, which is trained in manually labeled datasets. The classifier uses a neural network based algorithm for training (Long short term memory networks).

Commands to launch:
docker pull mixedemotions/16_suggestion_mining_nuig
docker run --rm -p 8016:5000 -ti mixedemotions/16_suggestion_mining_nuig:1.0.0-python3.5

Expected input: a sentence, or a tweet.

Expected output:
"@context": "",
"@id": "_:Results_1493203161.3165457",
"@type": "results",
"analysis": [
"entries": [
"@id": "_:Entry_1493203161.3433897",
"@type": "entry",
"emotions": [],
"entities": [],
"nif:isString": "you better go and spook yourself",
"sentiments": [],
"suggestions": [
"@id": "_:Suggestion_1493203161.3434868",
"@type": "suggestion",
"hasSuggestion": true,
"nif:anchorOf": "you better go and spook yourself",
"nif:beginIndex": 0,
"nif:endIndex": 48
"topics": []

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