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Short Description
Creates Knowledge Graph from information processed by MixedEmotions modules.
Full Description

Knowledge Graph provides insight into relations between recognized entities using semantic knowledge from DBpedia. KG module uses entities that are recognized by Entity Extraction and Linking module, and extracts relations between the entities from DBpedia. Once the relations are extracted and filtered, they are stored in Elasticsearch database, where using Kibi they are visualized.
If Emotion Recognition from Text module has been run and data has been stored in the same index as entities extracted by Entity Extraction and Linking module, then additionally to DBpedia relations, graph visualizes connections based on emotions and entity co occurrence in the text.

Git repository:

To run this module run:
docker run -p 5000:5000 --rm --name knowledge-graph-app knowledge-graph-creator


Description API call
Check default configuration GET /configuration
Modify the configuration POST /configuration
Reset back to default configuration GET /reset
Get status of the module GET /status
Create the Knowledge Graph GET /start
Docker Pull Command