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Short Description
A simple security tunnel with standard HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/KCP/SOCKS proxy protocols support
Full Description

This dockerfile builds an image of gost based on alpine and the image size is 5M.

Quick Start

This image uses ENTRYPOINT to run the containers as an executable.
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 mixool/alpine-gost -L=:8080

Create shadowsocks server and client:

  • shadowsocks server
    docker run -d -p 8080:8080 mixool/alpine-gost -L=ss://aes-128-cfb:password@:8080
  • shadowsocks client
    docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --net=host mixool/alpine-gost -L=:8080 -F=ss://aes-128-cfb:password@s_ip:8080
    then try with cURL:
    curl -x

Deploy in

  • 8080-TCP|CMD -L=:8080
    • client: chrome+switchyomega HTTPS/SOCKS5 Endpoint:443
    • gost client: -L=:8080 -F=socks5://s_ip:s_port
  • 8088-UDP|CMD -L=http2+kcp://:8088
    • gost client: -L=:8080 -F=http2+kcp://s_ip:s_port
  • 8080-TCP,8088-UDP,8338-tcp|CMD -L=:8080 -L=http2+kcp://:8088 -L=ss://aes-128-cfb:password@:8338
    • client: shadowsocks client
    • gost client: -L=:8080 -F=?


Download: gost client
For more command line options, refer to: github/gost

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