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A pre-configured compiler for the Khepera IV's ARM A8 processor
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Khepera IV Development Tool

This image contains a pre-configured compiler for the ARM A8 processor found on Khepera IV robots. It was originally created to speed up development on macOS systems, but it should work for any platform equally well.


To start using this image with your development environment, perform the following steps at the command line (assuming Docker is already installed on your system):

  1. docker pull mizumi323/khepera-dev
  2. docker run -it -v $PROJECT_FILES:/khepera-dev/src mizumi323/khepera-dev

Where $PROJECT_FILES is the path to the project files to be compiled on your host system.

Once the container is running, you will be able to navigate to the /khepera-dev folder within the container and see all of your project files underneath src. From there, simply execute the compilation commands as you normally would and you should see the binary artifacts for the Khepera appear.

Docker Pull Command